LYSO crystal scintillators

Hi! Some time ago I’ve bought some 4x4x22mm LYSO Crystals to make a scintillation probe or just to test they.

From the manufacture:

LYSO crystal is an ideal generation scintillator crystal. LYSO (Cerium-doped Lutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate). LYSO crystal has the advantages of high light output and density, quick decay time, excellent energy resolution and low cost. These properties make LYSO an ideal candidate for a range of ray detection applications in nuclear physics and nuclear medicine, which require higher, improved timing resolution and superior energy resolution. “

The seller on ebay is the well know: “The Rad Lab”. For 12$ I’ve received 2 crystals. They are for sure intended to use into a proton emission tomography machine “PET”. More docs from Saint Gobain:

LYSO datasheet  NextGen LYSO


The Rad Lab LYSO Crystals

Some more info about this type of crystal:


Crystals in their package

I think this crystals are from a PET machine who was scrapped… but hey, they works great! Take a look at how they react when are exposed to some UV light.

LYSO crystals under UV light

This type of scintillator crystal is a bit radioactive because of Lu176 inside it. That’s makes it a nice calibration source for my spectrometer,

I’ve made this gamma ray spectrum of my LYSO crystals. To make it I’ve used PMT R6095 + 30x30mm NaI(Ti) scintillator at 8% FWHM. Peaks of Lu176 at 201.8keV and 306.8keV

LYSO: this is a recording in a XML file of this spectrum. To be used with BecqMoni2011 software.

LYSO gamma ray spectrum

And now some spectra from my HPGe system.