Feline Diabetes Carbohydrate Calculator

This is a useful tool to calculate the percentage of carbohydrates in cat food from analytical values on the food label.

Carbohydrate Calculation Explained

This calculator estimates the carbohydrate content of cat food using the following steps:

  • Calculate carbohydrates by difference: Carbohydrates are computed as 100 minus the sum of protein, fat, moisture, ash, and fiber percentages.
    carbohydrates = 100 - (protein + fat + moisture + ash + fiber);
  • Calculate total kilocalories (kCal): Using modified Atwater factors, total energy is calculated from protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
    total_kCal = (protein * 3.5) + (fat * 8.5) + (carbohydrates * 3.5);
  • Calculate the percentage of carbohydrates per calorie: This is determined by dividing the energy contribution of carbohydrates by the total caloric content and then multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.
    percent_carbohydrates_per_kCal = (carbohydrates * 3.5 / total_kCal) * 100;