Random “Walker”

This program simulate the random motion of an object, the “walker”, that is governated by the trow of a dice. Face one? Go une pixel up. Face two? Go une pixel left, exc. I’ve implemented it first in Processing language following “The nature of code” book’s introduction. I sugest you to buy your copy http://natureofcode.com/ if you find interesting the simulation of nature (fractals, randomness, physics simulation, exc…). Finaly I’ve made a traduction of the code for mbed compiler. Now it runs on STM32F469-Disco board because of his very nice LCD display.

This is the mbed source code: main

All the needed include files to compile it in mbed are avaiable from mbed. Just select the proper board and create an LCD demo project. Then, copy the dependencies from the demo project files to your project and copy the content of the “main” link in your project’s main.cpp. More info in my video.

If you use Keil uVision 5 compiler here the project, complete: Walker_uvision5_disco_f469ni

Here how it works in Processing.

In this video you can see the program at work and his explanation.