Hamamatsu R6095 photomultiplier tube

I’ve bought this R6095 PMT tube from iRad ebay seller. It cost me about 40$ plus shipping. iRad sells it as just tube or with socket and voltage divider kit. I’ve bought the complete kit.  A link to his auction: iRad

R6095 PMT from iRad

Minimum Wavelength 300 nm
Outside Diameter 28 mm
Peak Wavelength 420 nm
Maximum Wavelength 650 nm
Viewing Direction Head on
Rise Time 4 ns
Photocathode Material Bialkali
Window Material Borosilicate
Anode Current 0.1 mA
Typical Photocathode Luminous Sensitivity [µA/lm] 95
Photocathode Peak Radiant Sensitivity [A/W] 0.088
Gain 2.1 x 10e6
Max. Supply Voltage Between Anode and Cathode 1500 VDC
Max. Supply Voltage Between Anode and Last Dynode 250 VDC
Operating Temperature -80 to +50 °C

This tube could be used to make a nice scintillation probe coupling it with a 30mm diameter NaI(TI) crystal and feeding 800-900V. Yes… just 900 and you can expect a gain of 10^6. Within the box there is the datasheet of the tube plus an instruction sheet to wire the voltage divider network to the socket.

Tube plus socket and instructions