PRT-E750W & PRT-E1500W vfd settings

How to set correctly the PRT-E750W and PRT-E1500W  (are equals except for the power capability) VFD supplied with CNC 3020 and CNC 6040 chinese routers. Click to download: PRT-E1500W vfd settings

This is the CNC 6040 Setup for Mach3 by David Parish.

I’ve found that the two files are missing an important note. After factory reset the VFD with D001 to 1 and D176 to 1, will appare the word “Load” into the display. The reset is complete in few seconds. Now to continue the setup procedure you must set D001 to 1 again. D001 tells the controller that settings modify is enable. Without doing this you cannot modify any other setting.

This is the VFD controller.

This video shows how to change one of the setting of the controller, specifically one of the spindle settings that make it accept 400Hz PWM power drive.