CADeSimu download: CADe_SIMU password 4962
Here you can download BecquerelMonitor 2011 MCA audio BecquerelMonitor-1.0

This is the patched version of BecquerelMonitor by Stanislav Prytuliak BecqMoni_patched password:

This is my AmericiuMCA (pre beta-release) software compatible with Maxim’s high speed spectrometers via SHproto v2 AmericiuMCA_build

MProg 3.5 for FT232 eeprom configuration mprog3.5

Borland Turbo C 2.01 original (3 floppy) tc201

Borland Turbo Pascal original 3.02 tp302

Mini60 HF antenna analyzer Windows software AntAN.exe

MadExp HV 5V to 900V step up converter firmware/arduino project (Arduino 1.8.3) with libraries. READ THIS FIRST! firmware_upload.pdf

EG&G Maestro MS-DOS first version abandonware MCA