VEB Robotron 70013

This is the picture of the product from LCI electronics eBay listing

I’ve found this tube from an eBay seller called “LCI electronics”. He’s from Bulgaria. This tube was made in ex DDR, German Democratic Republic, in late 80′ from the well known manufacturer of hi-tech electronic products “VEB Robotron”. This pictures are of the item that I’ve received.

As you can see, the product that I’ve received is the same of that listed. Excellent package indeed! The seller sent me a brief datasheet/comparison chart and and application example.

The following schematic are credit to DG0MG that had told me on a forum, regarding my blog:

“I already know your website, especially because of the page , on which there is a sketch that I drew myself almost 20 years ago. ;DBut it’s not bad, my own page, from who it came from is no longer online. By the way, there is a mistake in it, the anode resistor has to be replaced directly on the meter tube, i.e. 10M and 110k. But it worked that way too.”