Antenna rotor clean up

Some months ago I’ve received from the local A.R.I. radio club an old antenna rotor. I think it is a Daiwa but there is no label on it. It looks like a Kenpro KR400 too… boh? It was used for many years on the roof of a local OM. It was covered with grease, dirt and many other “bleah” things.

First thing to do, I’ve cleaned it with turpetine. This powerful spirit clean up grease with ease and it smells really good to!

Second thing, open it and check it’s gears. To open it, simple uncrew the four screw on the bottom. It’s gear set is ok, no broken teeths, just a lot of dirty of old dark gray grease. I’ve carefully separed the aluminium ring that was screwed with the top alauminium enclosure.

It makes with the inner-bottom alluminium motor/gearset assembly, a bearing. Now, there are a lot of stell ball aroud.

Dirty oil

I’ve collected the bearing’s balls, cleaned and left apart for future re-assembly. Separing the inner-bottom assembly from the top alluminium enclosure revealed that there is another bearing there. More steel balls to be cleaned…

Steel balls and half ball bearing

Third thing, clean with soap the rotor spliced in: top alluminium enclosure, inner-bottom assembly and bottom alluminium ring.

Fourth thing, paint this three pieces with a strong synthetic paint, re assembly everything applying some grease on the ball bearing tracks.


How the bottom bearing is made.

Zoom on the bearing’s track


I’ve used Anderol L786 grease