SV500 Geiger counter from German Army

Hi everyone, today I’m writing about my new SV500 Geiger counter from German Army. Mine was bought from a german eBay seller specialized in surplus measuring equipment. I’ve bought it for 145€ plus shipping. Nice price!

eBay auction of the SV500

The SV500 that I’ve received have included the internal gamma probe, the external gamma + beta probe, a probe clamp, probe cable, battery extension cable and earpiece.


I’ve read a lot of reviews around internet about this counter. Most if not all of they tell that this counter is very insensitive.

This is absolutely BULLSHIT! If peole doesn’t have true radioactive sources like a piece of Pechblende or a sample of Radium… why they bought such a counter? This one is intended to be used on a nuclear war combat field. The smallest scale of the instrument could tell you if what you are prone to eat is radioactive or not and, carried around with you, it will beep with it’s selectable alarm if you are aproaching a dangerouse contamined zone.

It’s an instrument made to keep you alive not to measure micro Sieverts from Radon in your room or thorium in your camera’s lens.

SV500 in action measuring Pechblende

In this pic you can see that my Pechblende reach 15 milliRad/h of beta+gamma on direct contact with the probe.


Cables and connectors

Left side pocket: battery and internal gamma probe

View of the counter, closed

I could ounly recomend this counter, if you find one at a good price in good condition, buy it! Mine have a calibration mark on the back, it was calibrated in year 2008 so 9 years ago… at the moment it is my best calibrated instrument he he he.

I’ve made a video of it in action:

Some other images of the counter:

Front pannel

Backlight in operation

External gamma probe

External gamma probe with beta window opened

Front pannel and connectors

Battery holder